Dr. Allen Knecht

Dr. Allen Knecht Portland Chiropractor

All too often it’s the practitioner, who gets all the information about the patient, and the patient gets little

information about the practitioner and his/her practice. I would like to change that.

My full name is Allen Gregory Knecht and I was born in Colorado Springs, CO. My family eventually moved to Michigan where I grew up. I received my undergraduate degree in Medical Technology at Andrews University. I worked as a Medical Technologist for 5 years in Kalamazoo, Michigan before I then moved to Portland, OR to attend Chiropractic College in 1991. I graduated in 1995 and opened my practice that next year.

I was inspired to become a healing practitioner at the age of 29 because of a unique convergence of events. My life was on an unrelenting and demoralizing downward spiral physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was struggling with a medically diagnosed “terminal” immune system

affliction, accompanied by extreme fatigue to the point I couldn’t even crawl out of bed some days. I was experiencing severe depression with unrelenting anxiety. On top of all that, I suffered intractable daily neck and back pain, scary “can’t-breathe” asthma and severe allergies to many aspects of my daily environment! True to my medical diagnosis the blood tests showed my immune system kept failing! When I could get out of bed, I was also working three jobs to pay the medical bills and was still in the red.

My life felt absolutely hopeless. Then quite unexpectedly, an event occurred in my family: my wonderful mother’s sister, Aunt Tina, married of all the possible “loser” professions… a what?!… a Chiropractor?! (I grew up in a very medically oriented culture and the assumption was that Chiropractors were “quacks”!) But for reasons still beyond me, my mother called me one day and said that my new Chiropractor uncle was helping people with the same struggles that I was having and that maybe I should go out for a visit. Skeptically, but desperate, I traveled from Michigan to Oregon for a 10 day visit. Dr. Kris Peterson, my new uncle, performed daily Chiropractic adjustments, a new technique to de-stress my emotions, vitamin and herb therapy, and holistic health education. Those ten days quite literally saved my life! Why? My blood tests showed my immune system had now started working properly. I was able to completely stop using my daily medications for my asthma and allergies, and I had renewed vigor, energy and strength. I had my life back and I have never looked back. That was in the fall of 1990.

On January 1st, 1991, I told my family that my New Year’s Resolution was to go to Chiropractic College and become a Doctor of Chiropractic!

My life is now dedicated to helping others as I have been helped: The opportunity to live a healthy life to its fullest potential! I am grateful I did so because I have had the privilege of witnessing many miracles occur as a result of applying the true principles of health in my office. I believe with all my heart in these principles of healing which are balancing the Mind, Body and Spirit through nutrition, homeopathy, structural alignment and the release of emotional stress. I believe with all my heart in how I practice and always strive to improve it. I believe I give an excellent service for a fair fee. I want to help people. I want you to refer and continue to refer patients to me because my mission is to help as many suffering people as I am able. What seems to make this office unique is our exceptional and comprehensive multimodal approach to health.

My personal promise to you is that I will give 100% of my focus, skills and knowledge to you in order to help you achieve the health you crave and to keep you from losing it in the future.

Abundantly yours,

Allen G. Knecht, D.C.