Contour Light (Red Light) Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

Lose Inches and Weight, and much, more more. Contour Light is non-invasive, there are no shots or pills and brings results, usually on the first treatment. Research in light therapy has been conducted for decades, starting with NASA experimentation in the 1980’s, culminating with the aesthetic and orthopedic industries of today. Following the recent discovery of how 635nm (mid-600nm) and 880nm (infrared) light interacts with various cells, this new technology has created an explosion in the already growing light-therapy marketplace.

Contour Light Background

  • The 635nm red light technology was originally developed as an adjunct treatment to liposuction

  • The technology has been used safely in the medical community for over 4o years.

  • Based on sound scientific and physiologic principles.

  • Clinical trials have proven effectiveness and safety.

What Is Contour Light?

  • Contour Light is a 635 nm Red Light Therapy
  • Contour Light utilizes 4 large body pads, two pads for the upper arms and a face mask.

  • The total number of 635nm diodes is 1,900, more than any other device currently available.

  • The Contour Light covers from the rib cage to lower thighs, front and back, both upper arms, the face, neck and décolleté all in one 30-minute session. No other system has the coverage to match the Contour Light, making it the easiest to use and most effective device on the market.

  • The wavelength opens the fat cells allowing the fat to exit the cell

  • The results? Incredible spot reduction on the arms, neck, back, breasts, saddlebags, inner thighs, knees- virtually anywhere you have excess fat

  • No pain, no bruising, no swelling, no burning, no downtime… NO side effects!

Contour Light delivers the most power and covers the most treatment area of any LED or laser device on the market!